Bunch Picks + Accessories Shop

***Discount 15% per 75.00 euros order***
[Same or picks  different types,accessoreis, discount applied directly in the purchase order]
Attention our picks exist for right handed and left handed.
  • Bunch modèle picks

    Bunch of 10 picks (stock 2)

    Bunch of 10  picks, with machining defect (horn, woods, coconut schell, bone, synthetic) but are playable.  right handed

  • Paper kraft

    Kraft paper pouch

    Kit kraft paper 10.5 cm x 7 cm to provide your picks

     If you want a gift packaging add to cart, one per pick or per order.

  • Slide aventurine

    Bottleneck stone aventurine

    Bottleneck in aventurine stone carved in the mass -Be seduced by extrordinary sound of this bottleneck.