General conditions of sales for a site
E - business online property
Preamble / identity of the seller / access to professional and business rules
These conditions indicate inter alia the following information:
The means of reproduction and archiving of these terms
The imprint of the site
The General conditions of use of the site.
The essential characteristics of the nominated properties
The different steps for the conclusion of the contract online
The languages offered
The terms of archiving and access to contract
Legal and contractual guarantees
The delays, costs and delivery terms
The price

The terms of payment and means of securing is a service of
SARL ERB - Jean - Charles Dugain
Headquarters: Egreuil - 58110 - Aunay en Bazois - France
RCS 408.488.468
Tel: 33 (0) 386781548

It is specified that these terms exclusively govern the sales, by Internet Sarl ERB.
These conditions apply to a consumer who has full legal capacity. These conditions apply to all of the commands that you will pass on this site.
We do our utmost to satisfy. On this site we present you all the essential characteristics of the goods. We will be attentive to the comments that you send us
These terms are presented in the French language.
An English version of the General conditions of sale is available.
Cancellation and refund terms.

1. the different steps for the conclusion of the contract online
1.1 command
On the Internet:
You make your selection by browsing through the pages of our site. Your selections are added in your shopping cart when you click on 'add this product to Cart'. At any time your navigation on our site, you can submit your order by clicking on "submit my order".

1.2 validation of the contract
When you click on "submit my order", a confirmation message appears. It summarizes all the products and options selected.
You should check this command form the whole of the information transmitted, in particular all information relevant to delivery (address of delivery, digicode, phones...)
To proceed with your order, you must click on "pay my order".
After payment on our secure server (see 'payment'), an acknowledgement is displayed. It confirms the registration of your order and informs you that a confirmation e-mail message will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

2. the terms of archiving and access to contract
We will make archiving of contracts, purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and durable support.
3. the legal and contractual guarantees
3.1 guarantees legal
In accordance with the legal provisions in force relating to the conformity of the goods to the contract, materials of hidden defects, we will exchange the product apparently defective, damaged or corrupted or does not correspond to your order.
3.2 responsibility
We do our utmost to satisfy. We are responsible for the proper performance of the terms General nevertheless our responsibility cannot be committed due to a fortuitous event, of a force majeure, because unpredictable and insurmountable third party contract or due to the non conformity of the product to foreign law in case of delivery in one country other than the France.

4. the delays, costs and delivery terms
4.1 delivery terms
We will deliver the products to the address indicated in the order form.
4.2 delivery time
We will deliver the product the next day of the registration of the rules by mail.
.4.3 delivery costs
Sending mail by post according to current mail fee.
5. the price
The prices of our products are indicated in euros all taxes included (French VAT and other applicable taxes). They include the cost of processing your order.
If you ask a delivery outside the french territory, your order
may be subject to possible taxes and customs duties when it arrives at destination.
The payment of these rights and these taxes are your responsibility and we invite you to inquire with the authorities of your country. You should also check the possibilities import or use of the products you order us in the country of destination.
6. Payment methods
You have several payment methods to pay for your purchases on
This means that no banking information about you passes through our website.

With PayPal, your financial information is never shared with 
sarl ERB. PayPal encrypts and protects your card number. Pay online by simply stating your email address and password.
By bank transfer:
Credit Bank Agricultural Centre Loire
FR76 1480 6580 0067 9363 4400 078
Account holder:
Sarl ERB - Egreuil - 58110 Aunay en Bazois
By specifying the name of your order number.
Union Western
on behalf of the following beneficiary: 
Jean-Charles DUGAIN
LA Banque Postale- Western Union
17 Avenue Saint Jean
58800 Corbigny, Nievre 
By specifying the name of your order number.
6.1 Cancellation and refund terms:
In the event of the return of the goods for delivery not in accordance with your wishes, 
we will refund you:
the amount of your order net of cancellation fees (3.00 euros) and net of the starting shipping and any starting bank fees:
 bank transfer the : amount of picks minus 3 euros cancellation fee
For Paypal: amount of picks - paypal fee minus 3 euros cancellation fee
We will make the refund within 7 days after receiving or receiving picks. (returned under eight aine in good condition by your care and at your expense.)

We will make the refund within 7 days after receiving or receiving picks. (returned under eight aine in good condition by your care and at your expense.)
7. the duration of the contract and validity of the price.
Our offers of goods and prices are valid if they are online on the site on the day of the order
8. applicable law / jurisdiction
These terms and conditions are subject to French law.
In case of dispute on the merits or on the form, the french courts will be only qualified
Annex 1: Provisions of the Code of consumption regarding the legal guarantee of conformity
Article L211-4
The seller is obliged to deliver a well in line with the contract and answers defects of conformity which exists at the time of issue.
Article L211-5
To comply with the contract, the property must:
1 ° be suitable for the use normally expected of a similar property and, where appropriate:
-fit the description given by the seller and possess the qualities of it submitted to the purchaser - present the qualities a buyer may legitimately expect in the matter of the public statements made by the manufacturer.
This policy is important to you, who want to have a positive and confident experience of our services.
It is also for us to meet your expectations and take into account your wishes.
For us, it is essential to ensure the confidentiality and respect of your personal data (hereinafter your "Data").
So that you can navigate on the website www.dugain-picks, com in its web and mobile version or the corresponding mobile applications in confidence, and as data controller, we show you how we treat your Data, for to bring you daily new services in the respect of your rights.
We protect your privacy by ensuring the protection, confidentiality, non-alteration, availability and security of the Data you entrust to us across all our communication channels.
We take all necessary steps to provide you with clear and transparent information on how your Data will be processed, implement all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your Data against disclosure, loss, alteration or access by an unauthorized third party, keep your Data only as long as necessary for the purposes of the specified processing.
To achieve these objectives, we implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that the processing complies with applicable data protection law.
As such, Dugain hereby agrees to respect the essential principles of the general European regulation and the French law on the protection of personal data, informing you of the existence and the terms of data processing that it implements. (paragraph 3), your rights in your Data and effectively implementing the transactions that the exercise of these rights entails (paragraphs 6 and 10), the existence of any transfers to a third country and transfers to recipients (paragraphs 4 and 8), the retention period of the Data collected (paragraph 5) and the data security measures (paragraph 9).
We often refer to you in this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy applies to you if you are a customer of Dugain-picks, ie the person who placed an order via the Dugain-picks Website, and Dugain-picks visitor,
Dugain-picks is a Sarl ERB registered at the RCS 408.488.468.00021 represented by Jean-Charles Dugain as Manager whose registered office is located at LD Egreuil - 58110 Aunay in Bazois - France, publishes the Site Dugain-picks and proceeds to this way, to different treatments of your data as a person in charge of treatments,
3.1. On what occasions do we collect your personal data?
We may collect your Data when you visit the dugain-picks website that uses cookies, you buy our products,
We process your data to provide you with the smoothest and most relevant browsing experience possible on the dugain-picks website to process your orders, recover payments and fight against fraud.
3.2. Treatment n ° 1: Navigation on the dugain-picks website
We process your data to enable you to navigate the dugain-picks website
The legal basis of this treatment is your consent.
3.3. Treatment # 2: Processing your orders
We process your Data to process your orders.
This treatment has for sub-finalities the management of the customer relationship (CRM), the after-sales service (SAV), the management of the service Distance selling (VAD), the management of the customer relationship via social networks, the management marketing / commercial prospecting actions related to the use of the dugain-picks website, the management of transportation and deliveries resulting from sales.
The execution of the contract between you and us is the legal basis of this treatment.
Regarding the management of product recall, the legal basis of processing is the legal obligation of dugain-picks.
With regard to marketing / commercial prospecting actions, the legal basis of the processing is, as the case may be, your consent or our legitimate interest.
3.4. Treatment # 3: Managing Customer Reviews
We process your Data in order to offer you to leave opinions on the Site dugain-picks and to share them with the community of customers.
Your consent or the legitimate interest of dugain-picks is the legal basis of this treatment.
3.5. Treatment 4: the fight against fraud
We process your data to fight against fraud.
This treatment has for sub-finalities the security of the payments, the detection and the prevention of the fraud.
The execution of the contract between you and us and the legitimate interest of dugain-picks, as controller, are the legal bases for this processing.
Different internal departments of dugain-picks can access your Data.
We do not share your Data with third parties (except the internal services of dugain-picks in connection with the treatments) except in the following specific circumstances.
Regarding the processing of your orders, we transmit your Data to some providers specializing in banking transactions (eg banks, payment service providers), delivery of products (ex: La Poste)
Your Data is collected by dugain-picks for the time necessary to carry out the treatments referred to in paragraph 3 of this document.
The main categories of data collected by dugain-picks are kept for the following periods.
For orders, the Data are kept in current archives for 5 years from the end of the use of the customer's orders,
We also describe the cookie expiration periods in paragraph 7 of the Privacy Policy.
6.1. You have the right to request access and rectification of your Data.
6.2. You have the right to request the limitation of the processing of your Data.
It is important to note that this right only applies if you dispute the accuracy of your Data during the period that allows us to verify the accuracy of your Data, you consider that we are illegally processing your Data and require a limitation. of their use rather than an erasure, we no longer need your Data with regard to the purposes referred to in paragraph 3 but that they are still necessary for the discovery, exercise or defense of your rights in court, if you exercise your right of objection during the verification period as to whether the legitimate grounds we are pursuing take precedence over your own.
6.3. You have the right to request the deletion of your Data.
In the event of a request for the deletion of your Data, dugain-picks will nevertheless be able to keep them in the form of intermediate archiving, and this for the time necessary to satisfy its legal, accounting and tax obligations.
6.4. You have the right to ask to exercise your right of opposition vis-à-vis the treatments used for commercial prospecting purposes.
If you are interested in prospecting by email, you can also modify or unsubscribe newsletters by clicking on the hypertext links "Unsubscribe" present in each newsletter.
6.5. You have the right to exercise your right to portability.
6.6. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing based on this legal basis.
Please note that the withdrawal of your consent will not affect the lawfulness of the treatments carried out before the withdrawal of this one.
6.7. You can, at any time, make a claim before the competent supervisory authority (in France, the CNIL:
In general, to exercise your rights, please send your request (indicating your e-mail address, last name, first name, postal address and a copy of your identity document) to the Data Protection Officer of dugain-picks by email sent to and / or by mail addressed to ERB Sarl -LD Egreuil -58110 Aunay in Bazois-France.We will send you a response within a maximum of one (1) month from the date of receipt of your request.
This section is dedicated to our cookie management policy on our site .www, dugain-picks, com
It allows you to know more about the origin and use of browsing information processed during your consultation of our website and your rights.
7.1. What is a cookie ?
On the occasion of the consultation of a website, an editor of website, such as dugain-picks, can be brought, subject to your choices, to deposit on your terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet), thanks to your browser, a text file.
This text file is a cookie. It will allow dugain-picks, during the period of validity or registration of the cookie, to identify your terminal during your next visits.
Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information contained in this cookie.
7.2. What are cookies on dugain-picks for?
There are several categories of cookies, some are issued directly by dugain-picks, others can be issued by third-party companies.
7.2.1. Cookies issued by dugain-picks.
Different cookies may be placed on your device while browsing our website: "Essential" cookies
These cookies are essential to navigation on our site, including the proper execution of the ordering process.
Their overpressure can lead to difficulties of navigation on our site as well as the impossibility to order.
These cookies are also needed to track the activity of dugain-picks.
These cookies can be installed on your terminal by dugain-picks. "Analytics and Personalization" cookies
These cookies are not essential to the navigation on our site but can allow, for example, for you: to facilitate your research, to optimize your buying experience, and for us: to better target your expectations, to improve our offers, or to optimize the operation of our site.
7.2.2. Cookies issued by third-party applications integrated into our site
We may include third-party computer applications on our site that allow you to share content from our site with other people or to let others know about your review or opinion about content from our site. site. This is particularly the case of the buttons "Share", "Like", from social networks such as Facebook, "Twitter", Google +, etc.
The social network providing such an application button is likely to identify you with this button, even if you did not use this button during your consultation of our site.
Indeed, this type of application button can allow the social network to follow your navigation on our site, just because your social network account was activated on your device (open session) during your navigation on our site.
We do not control the process used by social networks to collect information about your browsing on our site and associated with the Data they have.
We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks to learn the purpose of use, including advertising, navigation information they can collect through these application buttons.
These protection policies must allow you to exercise your choices with these social networks, including setting up your usage accounts for each of these networks.
To know the privacy policy of the aforementioned social networks click on the name of the social network of your choice:
Google +
In the context of our advertising network activity, the advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) broadcast in our advertising space may contain Cookies issued by third parties: the advertiser at the origin of the advertising content concerned , a society third party to the advertiser (communication consulting firm, audience measurement company, targeted advertising provider, etc.), who has associated a cookie with the advertising content of an advertiser.
Where applicable, cookies issued by these third parties may allow them, during the period of validity of these cookies, to broadcast advertising in all the spaces reserved for advertising by third parties, to count the number of displays of advertising content. broadcast through our advertising spaces, to identify the advertisements thus displayed and the number of users who clicked on each advertisement, allowing them to calculate the sums due for this fact and to establish statistics, and to recognize your terminal during its further browsing any other site or service on which such advertisers or third parties also issue cookies and, where appropriate, to adapt these third-party sites and services or the advertisements they broadcast, to the navigation of your terminal which they can to know
7.3. Manage cookies deposited on your device
The registration of a cookie in your terminal is subject to your will, you can, at any time, simply and for free, choose to accept or not the recording of cookies on your terminal.
7.3.1. The choices that are offered by your browser software (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).
You can configure your browser software as you wish, so that cookies are accepted and stored in your device or, conversely, so that they are refused.
If your browser software is set to accept the recording of cookies in your device, cookies embedded in the pages and contents you have viewed will be systematically saved in your device.
You can set your browser so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies are offered to you, before a cookie is likely to be registered, systematically to refuse the recording of cookies in your terminal.
Warning: Any setting you can undertake on your browser regarding the acceptance or refusal of cookies may change your Internet browsing and your access to certain services requiring the use of these cookies.
For example, by refusing certain essential cookies you risk not being able to place an order on our site.
If you choose to refuse the registration of cookies in your terminal, we accept no responsibility for the consequences of the poor functioning of our services resulting from the impossibility for us to record or consult the cookies necessary for their operation and that you have refused or deleted.
7.3.2. How to exercise your choices according to the browser you use?
The configuration of each browser is different. It is usually described in the help menu of your browser software. We invite you to read it. You will be able to know how to modify your wishes in terms of cookies.
For Internet Explorer ™:
For Safari ™:
For Chrome ™:
For Firefox ™:
For Opera ™:
In general, we keep your Data in the European Union.
We make sure that this transfer is made in accordance with the applicable regulations and guarantees an adequate level of protection of your privacy and your fundamental rights (in particular by the use of standard contract clauses of the European Commission).
Upon request to our Data Protection Officer, we can provide you with more information about these transfers.
We undertake to implement the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons in the treatment referred to in point 2.
These measures are defined taking into account the state of knowledge, the costs of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purpose of the treatment and the identified risks.
This policy will be updated as necessary to meet the requirements of the data protection regulations. It will be revised at least every three (3) years.
May 25, 2018 - Validated by Jean-Charles Dugain