• acetate
  • Standug acrylique bordeau
  • delrin
  • bakelite
  • ebonite
  • Galalith
  • synthetic "R"

Acetate - Acrylic - Delrin - Bakelit - Ebonit - Galalith - Synthetic "R"
Acetate: appearance close to the tortoise shell, warm sound.
Acrylic: offers a very dynamic, little colorful attack.
Delrin: warmest sound and soft of the range.
Galalith , Bakelite, ebonite to discover
The tip, carved, facilitates the up and down.
Its  profile generates a sound very similar when coming back upwards.
Dugain tip is the link between you and your instrument and will reveal the depth of the sound of your guitar.

"Astonish  you"